Monday, January 25, 2021 – Saturday, June 12, 2021

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Schedule Subject to Change

Due to the Covid-19 crisis classes will be shortened by 5 minutes to allow for disinfecting and class sizes will be limited to 25% capacity. Temperature checks will occur prior to students entering the studio. Students and parents will not be permitted in the waiting areas, they will line up outside 6ft. apart.

Masks will be required while in the studio. If need be will take mask breaks during class where kids can remove their masks outdoors. All students will be required to bring their own yoga mat to sit on for stretching. Acro students will have to purchase a specific mat to practice on. We will be having an outdoor recital on Saturday, June 5th.

Please note:  If there is not a class that works for your schedule please let us know and we will be happy to try to start one that does provided we have at least 5 students interested.

Students who are currently enrolled in a class should register for their same class even though it is marked as FULL.

Classes in pink will be held in New Studio.

3:00-3:55Intermediate Acro Ages 10-15 (FULL)
3:30-4:25Hip Hop/Jazz Ages 6-8 (FULL)
4:00-4:55Beginner Acro (FULL)
4:30-5:25Dance Combo (FULL)
5:00-5:55Beginner Acro (FULL)
5:30-6:25Hip Hop/Jazz Ages 7-10
6:00-6:55Beginner Hip Hop Ages 9-11 (1 spot)
6:30-7:25Hip Hop Mixed Ages
7:00-7:55Hip Hop Ages 10-13 (1 spot)
8:00-8:55Intermediate Acro Ages 11-14 (1 spot)
3:30-4:30Mini Comp Team Ballet (FULL)
3:30-4:30Mini Comp Team Ballet (FULL)
4:30-5:00Mini Comp Team Tap (FULL)
4:30-5:00Mini Comp Team Tap (FULL)
5:00-5:45Mini Comp Team Choreo (FULL)
5:00-5:45Mini Comp Team Choreo (FULL)
6:00-6:45Junior Comp Lyrical (FULL)
6:45-7:30Junior Comp Jazz (FULL)
7:30-9:00Senior Comp Team (FULL)
1:00-2:00Pre-School Combo Ages 3-5 (1 spot)
2:30-3:30Hip Hop Ages 11-13
3:30-4:40Intermediate Dance Combo Ages 5-6
3:30-4:00Mixed Intermediate Tap
4:00-5:15Jr. Competition Team Ballet
4:45-5:55Intermediate. Dance Combo Ages 7-8 (1 spot)
5:15-6:00Jr. Comp Team Choreo (FULL)
6:00-7:00Intermediate Dance Combo (FULL)
6:00-6:30Mixed Tap (FULL)
7:00-8:00Musical Theater
3:00-3:55Intermediate Lyrical/Jazz Ages 12-16
3:30-4:25Intermediate Dance Combo Ages 6-8
4:00-5:30Teen Comp Team Ballet (FULL)
4:30-5:25Intermediate Dance Combo Ages 6-8 (1 spot)
5:30-7:00Intermediate Ballet Technique Ages 13-17
7:00-7:30Leaps and Turns Ages 13-17
6:30-7:30Beginner Lyrical Ages 11-14 (FULL)
7:30-8:30Advanced Mixed Lyrical/Jazz (1 spot)
2:30-3:30Hip Hop Ages 9-10 years
3:30-4:30Hip Hop Ages 5-7 years (FULL)
4:30-5:25Hip Hop/Jazz Ages 12-14 years (1 spot)
5:30-6:30Hip Hop/Jazz Ages11-14 years (FULL)
9:00-9:55Tiny Tippy Toe Tutus Ages 3-4
10:00-10:55Int. Dance Combo Ages 6-8 (FULL)
11:00-12:00Beg Dance Combo Ages 4-5 (FULL)

Costs for Spring 2021 Season:
½ hour class – $200/session
45 minute class – $300/session
1 hour class – $400/session
1 hour 15 minute class – $500/session
1 ½ hour class – $600/session

3 or more hours per week, per student, 10% discount
Sibling discount, 5% on combined tuition
Discounts may not be combined.
Payment plans available upon request.